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Arab Investment Group of Companies (ARIG) was founded by its Managing Director(MD) and Group’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Ali S Chaudhary in 1998. From feasibility studies and due diligence checks on legal documentation and pre operations, we endeavour to provide bespoke solution to tap industrial and civil opportunities. Though our expertise might be dispersed through a network of subsidiaries, our group of companies works in unison to establish strategic partnership, implement effective business solutions, enhance productivity and garner new as well as repeat business.

Core Business Activities

  • Distressed Assets Acquisitions.
  • Real Estate Development, Investment, Sales and Marketing.
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • International Trade & Finance
  • Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Infrastructure Development and Related Engineering & Construction
  • Government Advisory Services
  • Entertainment – Media and Film
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Email: info@arigworld.com

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